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Badger Meter offers the Blancett® family of turbine flow meters to measure everything from water in hydraulic fracturing and mining operations to gases and liquids from wellheads, plus various fluids in sanitary environments. Our turbine meters deliver accurate, consistent, reliable and informative flow measurements for liquid and gas applications.

Compatible with most low-viscosity liquids and natural gas, Blancett meters are suitable for a wide variety of applications in upstream oil and gas, food and beverage, petrochemical, semiconductor, and irrigation. The meters provide cost-effective solutions for general area, hazardous area or 3-A sanitary applications.

B3100 Series Flow Monitor

Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter

QuikSert® In-line Turbine Flow Meter

B3000 Series Flow Monitor

B2900 Flow Monitor

FloClean Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

B2800 Flow Monitor

B1500 Turbine Flow Meter

Model 1200 In-line Turbine Flow Meter

B1750 Positive Displacement Meter

900 Series Flow Meter

Blancett Accessories