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FineTek group was established in 1979. Headquarters is located at Tucheng in Taiwan, and sets up several oversea subsidiaries to serve global customers around the world.

FineTek represent our brand name to supply industrial sensor as well as solutions for Process Automation, Flow Metering, Wireless Communication Technology, and Tank Gauging System.

Strong RD team is core strength of FineTek to develop up-to-date technology products to match customers need and solve customer problems.

Industrial application

  • Our products and solutions have a broad spectrum of application for different industries:
  • Electrical and electronics industry, semiconductors, power plants
  • Machinery, Process automation control
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, mining, iron and steel, cement 
  • Environmental protection, water & wastewater treatment
  • Food & Beverages, agriculture and feed stocks
  • Shipbuilding and marine industries
  • Diversified plastics
  • Medication and pharmaceutics
Cement Industry

Various types of level sensors used in the cement manufacturing process prior to storage tank, we provided good custom-made solution for clients. FineTek offers series facility products...

Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic power application is widely used for no matter industrial purpose and also around us in daily life. Much more than we can imagine from no matter elevators, mobile braking system...

Petrochemical Industry

In order to fulfill the risky requirements of Oil and Gas industry, FineTek has acquired international safety approvals and certifications such as Germany ATEX, China...

Food and Beverage

Finetek understand the strict hygienic requirements. We can satisfy all sorts of food machinery requirement such as polishing and process connection. Customers can ensure...

Chemical Industry

FineTek has a long accumulated knowledge and experience of vast chemical industry. We can provide products with various kind of chemical resistant materials to meet...

Water and Wastewater Treatment

FineTek has experience providing complete solutions for environment water treatment, solving environmental pollutions problems...

Point switch
Level transmitter
Flow measurement
Grain monitoring system
Pneumatic products