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The GPI® brand is Great Plains Industries’ core offering of fuel transfer products, meeting and exceeding the needs of large-scale business operations and hobbyists alike. The GPI® product line includes both AC and DC fuel transfer pumps, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) products, hand pumps, fuel meters and a variety of specialty pumps. Our products can be found in a variety of applications from Agriculture to Construction, Aviation, Energy, Chemical and even Powersports.

Our high-quality products are designed, engineered and tested to exacting standards before being introduced to the market. Products built by GPI are 100% functionally tested to ensure years of dependable service. We are proud to provide you with a quality product and excellent support after the sale. Should you have a problem with any GPI® product or need replacement parts, contact us.

Flowmeters Engineered To Be Better

As an engineer, you're challenged to solve problems that often seem impossible to others. FLOMEC® engineers are challenged everyday to do the same. At Great Plains Industries, Inc.®, every product is engineered and built to meet our 'triple standard test' of delivering better performance and higher quality at a lower cost.

Whether you need to measure for water, gasoline, chemicals, dairy, engine oils, transmission fluids, and various industrial liquids, FLOMEC products are engineered to perform better.

The new line of fuel products exclusively for commercial applications

The GPRO® brand is a new product line built specifically by Great Plains Industries for the special needs and applications of the commercial sector and the professionals who demand performance from the products that support them.

The GPRO® line of products has been built new from the ground up. As such, it is the first new line of fuel transfer pumps and products in a long, long time. GPRO® products have been designed in partnership with the field and distributors who have long wanted tougher, better engineering for durable, professional-grade products. The line is exclusively for commercial applications, and the GPRO® brand is strictly a professional-grade brand with products engineered to deliver.