Clamp-on Flow Meters by Micronics

Micronics Ltd commenced trading in 1985 and was set up to design and market “Clamp-On” ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce.

Since its inception Micronics have sold clamp-on water meters in more than 50 countries, concentrating mainly on portable “Time of Flight” meters, some of which are marketed under the registered trade name of Portaflow™.  Our clamp-on flow meters for many purposes continue to grow in popularity.  

In addition to product supply, Micronics offer flow measurement solutions, combining the Micronics product range with Flow Analysis software and expert staff to conduct flow surveys. From the introduction of the first portable instrument the company now markets a range of different products incorporating “Time of Flight” or “Doppler” technology. The range includes portable instruments and fixed meters based on the use of non-invasive ultrasonic sound transmission to detect liquid flow velocity within closed pipes or open channels. There are Energy options for clamp-on fixed meters, tank and level meters are also available.

The Micronics product range is also available on a competitive hire basis to provide emergency cover for failed meters and provide customers with the tools to undertake their own short term flow survey work.

Micronics are specialists in Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters with a tradition of innovation and a well-established world position.

Whether you’re a Water Utility or a demand side Commercial or Industrial water user operating a shopping centre, office block, hospital, school or laundry, in the private or public sector or a developer or architect considering the impact of SUDs on your latest development you may need to measure and monitor your water and waste water flows to manage consumption and protect the environment. Micronics Flow Meters can help.

In existing buildings with limited drawings and old pipe-work, which goes who knows where this can be a daunting task. The first step in managing the consumption is to find out “what’s flowing where” i.e. to measure consumption by accountable areas but how? The answer is clamp-on, non-invasive water flow and energy measurement from Micronics, yes that’s right clamp-on i.e. no need to drain down systems and cut into existing pipe-work!

There are many process liquid flows, which require a non-invasive measurement: to avoid contamination of the liquid, because of the corrosive nature of the liquid or to make ongoing servicing and maintenance easier, where this presents a challenge due to the location or critical nature of the process. In full pipe applications clamp-on, ultrasonic flow measurement is often the best solution.